World Tour 2018

Breakfast In America

40th Anniversary Tour / 2019

 June 2018 -  On Tour with Supertramp's Roger Hodgson.2019 Tour Dates below


Jan 19   Queenstown, New Zealand  SOLD OUT
Jan 26   Taupo, New Zealand  SOLD OUT
Jan 27   Whtianga, New Zealand
Jan 30   Sydney, Australia 
Jan 31   Sydney Australia   SOLD OUT
Feb 2    Melbourne Australia  SOLD OUT
Feb 4    Perth Australia
Feb 6    Adelaide Australia
May 11   Leiria, Portugal  On Sale
May 13   Copenhagen, Denmark 
May 14   Stockholm, Sweden SOLD OUT
May 16   Randers, Denmark  SOLD OUT
May 18   Aurich, Germany  On Sale
May 20   Eindhoven, Netherlands 
May 21   Antwerp, Belgium  SOLD OUT
May 23   London, England / Royal Albert Hall / On Sale
May 24   London, England / Royal Albert Hall / On Sale
May 28   Lucerne, Switzerland On Sale
May 29   Basel, Switzerland On Sale
May 31   Paris, France / The Olympia / 
Jun 1   Paris, France / The Olympia / SOLD OUT
Jun 2   Paris, France / The Olympia / SOLD OUT
Jun 3   Paris, France / The Olympia / SOLD OUT
Jun 4   Paris, France / The Olympia / SOLD OUT
Jun 7   Oslo, Norway  On Sale
Jun 28   Nort sur Erdre, France  On Sale
Jun 29   Avoine, France  On Sale
Jun 30   ParkCity, Netherlands 
Jul 2   Enschede, Netherlands  On Sale
Jul 5   Wildhaus, Switzerland On Sale
Jul 6   Cognac, France On Sale
Jul 7   Argelès-sur-Mer, France On Sale
July 9   Barcelona, Spain  On Sale
Jul 11  Nîmes, France  On Sale
Jul 12   Morzine, France  Details
Jul 15   Munich, Germany  On Sale
Jul 16   Winterbach, Germany  On Sale
Jul 17   Kiel, Germany  On Sale
Jul 19   Cádiz, Spain On Sale
Jul 20   Marbella, Spain  On Sale
Jul 22   Lyon, France  
Jul 24   Madrid, Spain  On Sale
Jul 26   Las Palmas, Spain  On Sale
Jul 27   Tenerife, Spain  On Sale
Aug 1   Schwetzingen, Germany On Sale
Aug 27   Alassio, Italy  On Sale
Aug 29  Ingelheim, Germany On Sale
Aug 30  Halle (Saale), Germany On Sale
Aug 31  Le Chateau de La Hulpe, Belgium  On Sale
Sept 2   Hannover, Germany On Sale
Sept 3   Amsterdam, Netherlands  
Sept 4   Amsterdam, Netherlands  SOLD OUT
Sept 6   Zwickau, Germany On Sale
Nov 5   Vienna, Austria On Sale
Nov 9   Bucharest, Hungary  On Sale
Nov 11  Tel Aviv, Israel  On Sale
Nov 13   Dusseldorf, Germany On Sale
Nov 16   Halifax, Canada  On Sale
Nov 17   Halifax, Canada  On Sale
Nov 18   Halifax, Canada  On Sale
Nov 19   Moncton, Canada  On Sale
Nov 22   Rama, Canada   On Sale
Nov 23   Rama, Canada   On Sale
Nov 26   Victoria, Canada  On Sale
Nov 27   Victoria, Canada  On Sale
Nov 28   Vancouver, Canada, River Rock Casino  On Sale
Nov 29   Vancouver, Canada, Hard Rock Casino   On Sale

More 2019 Tour Announcements Soon!


​​​​​​​​​​​​October 2017 - ​Check out the new Blinker The Star release "8 Of Hearts". Ray plays Moog on the beautiful song  Caves And Shadows.

May 2017 - Check out Exhortation To DanceRay's collaboration with acclaimed poet, songwriter, author Robert Priest.​ "So pleased Robert asked me to put one of his poems to music, and produce a track in the same vein of Smash Hitley".

​April 2017 - Ray plays keyboards on this recent release from Toronto’s Odd Clue, a partnership between Shane Cloutier and Mike Tilka (of Max Webster fame). Shane has written some really nice stuff on this record which was produced by Tim Thorney w/ Adam Fair and features the one and only Jorn Andersen on drums.

Aug 5, 2014 - Nord Canada is proud to announce the addition of Ray Coburn to the Nord family.​

       Roger Hodgson

   Jun 12   Kufstein, Austria
  Jun 14   Zürich, Switzerland  
  Jun 15   Neuchâtel, Switzerland
  Jun 16   Liège, Belgium  
  Jun 17   London, England / O2 Arena w Yes feat ARW
  Jun 21   Oslo, Norway  
  Jun 22   Langesund, Norway  On Sale
  Jun 24   Bergen, Norway  On Sale
  Jun 26  Rotterdam, Netherlands  
  Jun 28  Amsterdam, Netherlands  SOLD OUT
  Jun 29  Amsterdam, Netherlands  SOLD OUT
  Jun 30  Tilloloy, France  On Sale
  Jul 13    Philadelphia, PA, USA  
  Jul 14    Sunbury, PA, USA  On Sale
  Jul 15    Lancaster, PA, USA  On Sale
  Jul 17    Annapolis, MD, USA  
  Jul 18    Englewood, NJ, USA  On Sale
  Jul 20   Rimouski, Canada  On Sale
  Jul 21    Sherbrooke, Canada  On Sale
  Jul 24   San Diego, CA, USA  On Sale
  Jul 25   Costa Mesa, CA, USA  On Sale
  Jul 27   Coarsegold, CA, USA  On Sale
  Jul 28   Snoqualmie, WA, USA 
  Aug 9    Haugesund, Norway  On Sale
  Aug 11   Faroe Islands, Denmark  On Sale
  Aug 14   Alicante, Spain  On Sale
  Aug 16   Jerez de la Frontera, Spain  
  Aug 17   Úbeda, Spain  On Sale
  Aug 18   Palafrugell, Spain  
  Aug 20  Bonn, Germany  On Sale
  Aug 21   Leipzig, Germany  On Sale
  Aug 23  Hamburg, Germany  On Sale
  Aug 24  Hanau, Germany  On Sale
  Aug 25  Spiez, Switzerland  On Sale
  Aug 26  Beverungen, Germany  On Sale
  Aug 28  Bremen, Germany  
  Aug 29  Giessen, Germany  On Sale
  Aug 31   Hemer, Germany  On Sale
  Sept 1    Mannheim, Germany  On Sale
  Sept 2   Bochum, Germany  On Sale
  Sept 4  Aachen, Germany  On Sale
  Sept 6  Stuttgart, Germany  On Sale
  Sept 7  Munich, Germany  On Sale
  Sept 8  Berlin, Germany  On Sale
  Oct 26  Québec, Canada  
  Oct 27  Ottawa, Canada  On Sale
  Oct 29  Montréal, Canada  
  Oct 30  Montréal, Canada  SOLD OUT
  Oct 31  Montréal, Canada  On Sale
  Nov 2   Rama, Canada 
  Nov 3   Rama, Canada SOLD OUT
  Nov 6   Milwaukee, WI, USA SOLD OUT
  Nov 7   Milwaukee, WI, USA SOLD OUT
  Nov 8   Milwaukee, WI, USA SOLD OUT
  Nov 9   Milwaukee, WI, USA SOLD OUT
  Nov 12  St. Louis, MO, USA SOLD OUT
  Nov 13  St. Louis, MO, USA SOLD OUT
  Nov 15  Calgary, Canada SOLD OUT
  Nov 16  Enoch, Canada SOLD OUT
  Nov 17  Vancouver, Canada SOLD OUT
  Nov 18  Vancouver, Canada SOLD OUT