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Who or what is Smash Hitley? It's hard to explain.


Smash is a musician who creates epic audio visual remixes and performs them live without sequencers or backing tracks. Taking several iconic samples from all manner of music and spoken word recordings, Hitley combines them and places them in an entirely different context to build new works in which the context transforms the content.

Finally, Smash takes photos and videos, adds stunning visual effects, and attaches them via MIDI to various notes on his synthesizer. 

Sometimes erotic, sometimes funny, often a bit of social commentary and a humorous take on the cult of celebrity. All music and video is generated in real-time by the notes he plays. The result is unique and electrifying.

Real Life (audio-visual sketch)  This is a live performance - video is created by the notes I play on my synthesizer.

Low rez Samsung demo. An excerpt from "Calvin Klein". Live performance featuring samples from Eugene Levy, Miss Ellen Reid (Crash Test Dummies), The Stooges, James Brown, Billie Holiday, Propaganda, Eminem and Audrey Hepburn (from Breakfast At Tiffany's) along with Smash doing his thing.

Smash Hitley

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